Professional IT Solutions

Managing and maintaining new IT environments can be a major headache for any company. IT Pros can alleviate problems associated with new and existing technology implementations by working with clients to develop a tailored solution that focuses on the needs of their business. Call us at 914-777-3615.

Strong Relationships

Due to our strong relationships with manufacturers, we can offer custom hardware and software solutions in the event off the shelf products will not meet all of your requirements. Contact us for a project evaluation.


Virtualization of the desktop and servers

Enterprise Video over IP

Enterprise KVM switching

HD and Mobile Video Conferencing

Server and WorkStation Blades

Various kinds of Remote PC solutions: traditional Thin Clien, Desktop Over IP from Avocent

or fiber-optic based Remote Graphic Unit from Matrox

Large Plasmas (up to 71″) and LCD Displays (up to 70″)

Large Display Mounts

TV and Video distribution systems over Cat5 and IP

Video cube/wall technology

Desk Top KVM Switches that automatically switch

Specialty color correcting flat panel displays for Publishing

LCD displays

Multi-Monitor Video Cards

Flat panel arms for desk and wall applications

Keyboard, Mouse and Video (KVM) extension products

IR Over IP devices to pass IR remote control information via IP network

Video over IP / IPTV Solutions

Video over IP / ipTV

Video Over IP / IPTV allows you to deliver video efficiently, and with a high degree of control without sacrificing the ability to provide a wealth options for both the business and users/viewers.

Our Video over IP & IPTV solutions will effectively address the challenges of secure live and on-demand video distribution through:

  • Controlling video bandwidth to minimize the impact on network infrastructure without negatively impacting video quality.
  • Efficiently distributing video to a large and diverse user base via LAN, wireless, WAN, and satellite links.
  • Providing Video on Demand (VOD) for anytime access to pre-recorded content such as training videos, and TV programs.

Haivision Media Platform

Organize, manage and share secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, on any screen.

Haivision Furnace

A complete ecosystem to deliver broadcast channels and internal content to every screen.

Matrox Maevex

Affordable Full HD, low-bandwidth AV-over-IP.

Remote computing Solutions

Remote computing Solutions

Remote Computing: KVM Extenders, and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) allows you to “virtualize” desktops and get access through virtual environments by use of thin clients. Having a “local” feel is important, so we use protocols that offer this experience.

Moving a PC from under the desk to a secure location and giving the user normal access at the desk was the definition of remote computing, until recently. Today, we need to add ‘virtualized desktop’ to this definition.

To virtualize a desktop, the O/S, such as Windows XP, and all applications need to be loaded in a virtual environment like VMWare or Xen. The session is accessed by a thin client. Many protocols can give the user a ‘local’ feel when using the virtual session. Supported protocols include RDP & R-Desktop, Citrix ICA and VDI.

Based on the clients need, ITPros will design and integrate a custom, tailored solution.

Matrox Extio

High-performance KVM extenders that deliver best-inclass resolution and multi-monitor support for point-to-point deployments.

Matrox Extio 3

The world’s first IP KVM extender capable of supporting 4Kp60 4:4:4 video, at unprecedented low-bitrates over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network.

Avocent HMX 5000/6000 Series

Digital High Performance IP KVM system providing secure seamless access to physically separated computing resources.

Data Center infrastructure Management / DCIM

Data Center Infrastructure Management / DCIM

Data Center Device Management allows you to access, diagnose and manage every device on your network from any point on the globe. But it’s not always easy to get this system into place or choose the right technology for you.

To access, diagnose and manage every device on your network, from anywhere can be a mission critical part of your business. Typically, as infrastructures have grown, different groups have chosen different products to manage their data centers.

ITPros can help analyze the current infrastructure and develop an integrated solution to provide:

  • A single, secure web interface to control every device in every location.
  • Power control for remote reboot.
  • Auditing, showing which administrator went to which device.
  • Integration of many existing control systems into the new infrastructure.
  • Integration of Virtual Machines.